Thursday, December 4, 2008

I must say...their is nothing new here!!!

We had a really bad virus that went through the house and all of us as well!

Thanksgiving was at the tail end of the virus so Bob was really sick Thanksgiving day. We are all better now (Thank God!)

The boys are doing well in school report cards came home yesterday. Everyone is on track for their grade level. I feel Anthony is not up to par but I'm still going to work w/him. His teacher said he has greatly imporoved since September but I know we have lots of room for improvment. Bobby can do anything if he puts his mind to it. I have noticed the older he gets the lazyer he is getting! That is not going to fly in this house! If I don't like his homework I make hime earse the whole thing and do it again. He'll learn sooner or it right the first time and we can move on!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Sunday at the Cabin...lots of pictures!

Sunday we were at the cabin for the Woolly Worm Festival and Grandpa birthday!

The cabin w/fall color...

Grandfather mountain a little passed peak color.
Had to take this picture...this tree was so red!

The men did some work...cut down trees and moved logs.

The kids explored with their new friends Racer, Spiderman, Wormie and Dodger (all Woolly Worms)
Eddie and his daughter Cloe...Sal w/Samuel on his chest...and Bob w/Nina Grace (aka Samantha)
The kids holding their worms and keeping them warm.

Bobby took 2nd place in his heat.

Sal and Bobby got red ribbons for 2nd place...good job boys!

Waiting for the race sitting on a pumpkin keeping the worms warm!

They had an animal rescue at the fair...but this possum should have been put me!

The gang getting ready to sing Happy Birthday to Grandpa!

Anthony after the cake was in his belly...yum!

We had a great day with the family!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

stay tuned...

we are leaving tonight to go the mountains so stay tuned for a new blog next week...
we have plans on going to the Wooly Worm festivities as well as cutting up fallen trees and visiting w/family & friends!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Some new things...

We went out and purchased a little car.
As you guys know Bobby has a big truck that he loves! The only problem w/this truck is the price of the liquid it takes to run the motor...DIESEL GAS! So over the pasted weeks I've been combing Craig's list and local dealerships for a "little" gas sipper! We found one in great shape!

We are the proud owners of a 1992 yes '92 Honda Accord EX. It is almost the same color of Bob's truck (light brown)w/Burgundy interior. If cars could tell a story I would love to hear what this one would say...she has 235,000 miles and has been wrecked b/c it has a salvage title. The title means we just can't get collision on it and your taxes are cheaper. I would love to know it's history...we are waiting to get the title in the mail from Raleigh.

I hope we get another 235,000 miles out of this car...time will tell


I've also made some cornbread (thanks Mari for the recipe) recently. The cast iron skillets used to belong to Bob's grandmother Cora. When we moved her up here from Florida we were told we could have anything we wanted out of the kitchen and I grabbed the cast iron stuff. One of the corn skillets is stamped w/a date of 1928. I was trilled when I was done baking I had to grab my camera while they cooled. I guess because the skillets were in the family it just made the cornbread taste that much better to me. (thanks Cora)

Saturday, October 4, 2008

final update on Chewie!

Lots of you guys have asked over the weeks how Chewie's leg has healed. We are all better! I went back to the Emergency vet last week and gave them a big THANK YOU and updated them on Chewie. They were grateful that I came by with a great update. This is the last picture of his leg all the hair has basically grown back and where he was bitten we have black scar tissue.

He is doing great for a 10 year old pup!

Friday afternoon

We had a low key Friday afternoon. I normally watch my friends (Pete & Heather) boys on Friday afternoons so they can work but...they went to the beach. We had a great night. We started after school with playing outside. The boys LOVE to be outside.

They hunted for worms and bugs, rode bikes and we colored the driveway with chalk. We left notes for daddy.

After a while we came in and had pizza then went for a nature walk around the neighborhood. Once we were done looking at all the poison ivy, ant hills, and wild flowers we came in for movie time. We all pick out a movie (Enchanted, for mommy) sat up in the playroom and watched it. I love watching movies with the boys. Once the movie was over it was time for baths and bed....not only for the kids but for Mommy too.

Sunday, September 28, 2008


First... thanks Christy for tagging me!

I think I'm supposed to come up with 6 things about me...OK here we go!

1. I love to live in a clean house. Some of you may know that already but to me my house can't be clean enough. I also clean things that are not seen everyday like b/h the frig. or b/h the washer and dryer. I move my sofas and vacuum under them as well as furniture if I can move it. To me something always needs cleaning...the windows, the blinds, the ceiling fans, the a/c returns...stuff people wouldn't think of doing unless they where filthy. See now just talking about it I want to go clean my windows and blinds!

2. I took piano lessons for 9 years and don't play as an adult. When I was a child we took lessons one a week and had to practice everyday. When I was given the option to continue or stop lessons I choose to stop and really have not played since.

3. I enjoy being outside! Let me plant flowers or go for a walk I don't mind sweating. Take me to the beach to build a sandcastle or to the mountains to tube in the snow. I just love being outside. I love all 4 seasons!

4. As a child I was on a swim team. I was on the Syosset swim team and I loved it. As I got older I became a life guard. I was a life guard at West Hills Day Camp on Long Island. To this day I love to swim. I love the water I guess that is why I'm an Aquarius. Take me to the water, on the water, or in the water...I'm happy!

5. I watch my boys sleep. I take pictures of Bobby and Anthony sleeping. I guess they looks so angelic when they a sleep I can't help myself. They are also still...I can examine then for new moles,freckles, cuts or bruises I haven't seen when we're on the go. I also talk to them while the are asleep. I whisper sweet things in their ears. Upon occasion when I tell them something in their sleep they'll moan back! I love my boys!

3 years ago!
last week!

3 years ago

last week!

6. Bob and I met in the summer of 1992. I had just moved down form NY and was getting ready to start Wingate College (now University). That summer I was to told to get a job so I would have gas money to drive home on the weekends. I met this young man in the parking lot of the Arboretum. The movie theater was just finished and they were looking for a crew. So I parked next to this blond guy who got out of his mothers blue minivan. We were both headed in for a job interviews. We sat next to each other, filled out applications next to each other and several weeks later started work w/each other! I always asked the manager to work me the same shift as Bob b/c I was attracted it him. Well on 6-14- 93 we had our first date (after work) at the Knife & Fork off Independence Blvd. We dated 5 years and married on 4-19-1998. I can remember that day as if it where yesterday. That was the first time I met Mari... who would have known she was going to be my sister-in-law. Anyway, Bob and I have been together ever since...We have kind of grown into adults together and hope to grow into old farts together!....So Bob & I have been together 15 years!